Mind and Body Wellness – The Importance of Balance

Over the years there have been numerous research studies, articles and case studies that highlight and describe the importance of the wellness of our minds and bodies. Our minds are constantly bombarded with emotions such as stress, anxiety, sadness, and even excitement. Our minds take a beating not only throughout the day but over extended periods of time as we constantly process and analyze our past, present or future. Daily emotions and constant intellectual tests can drain and exhaust your mind over time. On the other hand, our bodies are at a relentless tug of war with the environment and the very physics of nature and time.

All the concepts discussed in this article are clear signs and examples of the significance of mind and body wellness. And the importance of the balance between the two. In our previous article, we introduced and discussed the concept that we are what we think and it Mind & Bodypurposely serves as a preface to this article. If the mind is what makes us “us” and the body is the medium through which we experience “reality” or this world, we can then start understanding and recognizing the importance of taking care and looking after the two.

Mind vs Body

If you have read our “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life” article, then the following concept might be easier to grasp. Think of the mind that which becomes you and defines you. It is this intricate process through which we interpret and perceive the world. It is what defines our behavior, our emotions, our actions, etc. Once we understand this concept then our mind is at the very core of our existence. We are all unique because we all have and will continue to grow based on our specific journeys and experiences. The beauty highlighted in this concept is that when we grow through life together and ultimately when you give yourself up that you will become whole.

The Mind

One mind is unique and beautiful, but a collection of minds is powerful and gives more meaning to life.

The mind is an ever-resonating vibration or conscience. It is the deep connection to the universal frequency which connects us to that for which we long for and try to find meaning and ultimately provides us with a higher purpose. If you believe this is the case then the mind becomes you and effectively the foundation of your existence. Therefore, we can conclude that the mind is critical to our well-being for it makes us “us”.

The Body

The body on the other hand, as mentioned above is a medium through which we experience the world. However, the body in our belief is also a temple where your mind and subsequently your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, etc, exist. And like any religious or non-religious temple, it should be treated as such, with immense care, dedication, and love. The body is also deeply connected to how we perceive not only the world but also ourselves. As we are beginning to understand that feeling at ease is dependent on our thoughts, it is also dependent on how the body feels.

Taking care of your body has numerous if not vast amounts of benefits, such as self-steam which stems from emotional benefits to health benefits. It’s one of the most important benefits of body wellness (not to be confused with being shredded or “buffed”) and has a great impact on our brains. Exercise not only it creates healthy and positive habits which directly relates to mastering your mind but it literally and physically releases a protein in our brains called BDNF. This protein has a protective and also reparative element to your memory neurons and acts as a reset switch. The result is a feeling of ease and certain happiness. Exercising is known for releasing endorphins in your brain that acts as a mechanism to fight stress.

We Are Human Beings, Not Human Doings

Whether you have heard this statement before or not, it is one of the most profound concepts we have come across. It directs its meaning to the essence of us as a species and who we are and why we are. We are a species that build, create and take action but at the very core, we build, create and take action because we are curious in the meaning and purpose of things. That alone makes us human beings.

Being is an interesting concept as it is or at the very least can be very subjective. To me, and hopefully, most of us being is the very essence of curiosity for life. Curiosity makes us dream and smile about the purpose and meaning for what we do and why we do. We not only do but we seek a certain fulfillment from it, and that makes us be. The very emotion and feelings associated with an action.

Now, if you are wondering how this part fits with this article, well it is quite simple: Because we are human beings and seek fulfillment in our lives, it is only through our minds and bodies that we can then begin to grasp purpose and meaning to our existence.

But Where to Start?

There is no right or wrong on how to go about learning and implementing daily habits that contribute to the wellness of your mind and body. The first thoughts of many people would be to basically search the Internet for “mind-body online” but the reality is there are few factors to consider first. These are:

  • What areas of my mind and body wellness do I need to target first or are most important to me and my lifestyle and goals
  • Following the above, what are your some needs that are specific to you? Everyone is different and is walking a unique path
  • The quality and more importantly authenticity of the content/information you will come across online

We feel strongly about the uniqueness in everyone and the paths we walk. This means that we first need to understand and have a good sense of ourselves to have a strong foundation for a healthy body and mind. Once that has happened or have started to occur, then the best thing we can do is to simply take a moment apart or step back. We should, as a daily habit, shut off any background noise in our daily lives. There are various practices on how to silence the mind, with Meditation probably being the most known and popular.

Starting and ending my days with a Meditation session to silence any background noise, and more importantly, to connect the mind to the body has significant benefits to our well-being both mental and physical. Silence is gold. The only sounds you should be listening at the very start of your day is that of your own body, your breath, your heart. It instantly connects and synchronizes your mind with your body. It aligns your thoughts which then become actions and ultimately becomes you.

Creating, Embracing and Sustaining Healthy Habits

If you are on a journey to a higher path, it is very important to create daily healthy habits. There are various benefits to creating healthy habits but at the very bottom is mastering your mind. Once you master your mind, you master all other parts of your life. Having said that, it starts within you, and what we mean by that is have a clear sense for who you are, your needs, dreams, and goals. Only you have a clear sense of your needs and what parts of your life you need to master.

Above all, it is important that you set yourself up for success. Start with simple habits, create a set of morning rituals that can help you start the day with a positive and abundant mindset. As mentioned in our previous article, one habit we like do at the start of our mornings is, to begin with, a set of positive thoughts, being grateful and then proceed to visualize the day ahead. It is a simple morning ritual but you get the idea for starting simple. Remember, the journey of the thousand miles starts within the first step.

Once you can master a simple routine/habit, you can then move to incorporate a more powerful set of routines either at the start, throughout or end of the day. We highly recommend focusing on morning routines at first as it sets the mindset for the day ahead.

We will be sharing more content on this topic soon along with resources that we have found to be extremely helpful, so do stay tuned.

The Results of Mind and Body Wellness

If you know our motto then you know where the difference lies. Creating daily healthy habits will help you focus on and improve mind-body wellness. While creating those daily habits can be “painful” at first, the benefits long term will come noticeable and justify the small sacrifices and efforts you’ve endured. Do not underestimate the importance of mind and body wellness; treat your mind as the most cherished part of you and your body as your temple.



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