How To Find YOUR Passion

Life is short. So short that we constantly live in the past or the future but rarely in the present. Too short to spend on average one-third of our lives working and building someone’s dream. After all, that is our immediate mission: inspire you to Take Action On Your Dreams. And showing you how to find your passion. Modern day and age demand so much of us. Modern distractions are almost intentionally engineered to keep us, well, distracted and energy drained. We never stop to invest in ourselves, look out for our mental and physical wellness, be present, and unfortunately explore the world within us.

So what ignites that spark within you? What makes you lose track of time? Who are you behind your physical body, full name, SSN, driver’s license, medical records, work badge, etc? These only scratch at the surface of discovering your passion and more in-depth, your essence. But they are certainly a good starting point. After all, we believe in the significance of that spark of curiosity that led you here. In the very first step of this journey to self-discovery and development.

Here we are, you and us. Together. Trying to put this puzzle called life together.


The Old Dilemma

The real question or at least the most common question you hear around passion is: How to find YOUR passion? As mentioned above, there are a hundred questions we should ask ourselves. Such as: What do we daydream about? What would we do if we didn’t have to work? How do we make a living of it? After all, money, unfortunately, is important in this society. These are all valid questions but what it lacks to address is: How do WE define passion? You see, passion is very relative and unique to an individual. Relative to your values, dreams, innate talents, point in your life, and ultimately YOUR calling or purpose.

And yes, we all have a calling or purpose. Yes, we all have innate talents and we all have unique passions. We can turn our passions into profit! The beauty of passion is that you can only naturally and innately shine and provide value to others through your passion. But again, none of this can occur without us clearly defining who we are and what passion means to us. Self-doubt, modern distractions, negative mindset, etc play a huge factor in putting our passions on hold or even recognizing them.

But first, let’s define what passion means to YOU.


How Do YOU Define Passion?

Passion to us is simply unlimited energy. We know how vague this sounds, but let’s break this down. When you are passionate about something it transcends time, space, and energy. Once you identify what you are truly passionate about, you lose track of time and a source of energy is being provided to you beyond your mind and body. When we align ourselves with our true calling and passion, we are feeding off that which transcends us at the physical level. But please keep in mind, while this definition is completely up for interpretation, there is some universal parallel truth that connects us.

how-to-find-your-passionMore importantly, we are all so unique and beautiful that you hold a piece of the puzzle that nobody else has. What this entails is that how YOU define passion plays an important role in its value and significance to the rest of us. Therefore, it is important that we stop and take time for ourselves for as long as we need to until we find ourselves. We have become masters of distraction. We spend so much time practicing distraction. If we could only practice focusing on our inner world and learn to know ourselves. Then the mastery of it will only be inevitable.


Passion vs Vocation

Passion does not necessarily vocation. Although vocation refers to an occupation for which we are suited and feel drawn to it does not always align with your true passion. It often does but please be aware that not always does Although these are two interchangeable concepts, they are not the same. Think of passion as part of a much deeper equation which we will cover at a later article called Ikigai. Vocation is also part of that equation but yet dependent on passion. Instinctively, we don’t feel drawn to something unless we feel passionate about it to some extent. However, at the very core of the equation lives Ikigai which is your reason for being.

We briefly mentioned above how we all have a calling and a purpose. That is called Ikigai and YES, Ikigai lives very deep down in each of us. The unfortunate reality is that for most of us it dies when we die without ever embracing it.


How To Approach Your Passion

The way to approach passion is to try as many things you feel drawn to as possible. Passion does not how-to-find-your-passionlimit itself to one single thing. It can be multi-dimensional and can touch on a few different aspects. In the end, you will certainly have found 1 or 2 things YOU are truly passionate about. This is key to the question: How to find your passion? We only advise that you avoid taking the money or profit aspect when you are searching for your Ikigai and passion. Money only acts as a distraction and a necessity. Hence, why the single most common question you will hear concerning passion is: What would you if money wasn’t a factor in your life? And as cheesy or redundant as that question might come across, it holds a truth deep down.

People can live absolutely and completely happy and fulfilled following their passion/s without making a dime off it. And while that sounds overly romantic, we do recommend that you find a way to profit or better yet, as that word sounds somewhat negative, financially benefit from your passion. Because as mentioned above, once you find that key to the inner you and you tap into your Ikigai and passion you hold an important piece for humanity. That in returns adds value to your being and existence in this world.


Take Action On Your Dreams

There is a vast amount of valuable (and also empty) knowledge out there. Especially in the digital space. The knowledge that we have again and again highlighted the importance of taking action on it. Knowledge holds valuable, but the knowledge you take action on holds tremendous power in our lives. This article is only a small and humble piece of knowledge that hopefully inspires you and guides you into taking action on YOUR dreams. So we will close this article in the same way we opened it: Life is short. Too short to spend our lives working to build someone’s dream and passion. We cannot stretch this enough, all of us are so invaluable to humanity. It is such a tragedy that we never tap into our Ikigai. And that we don’t turn our passions into vocations we devote ourselves to in the effort to positively contribute to humanity and society.

What a world that would be…



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