Failure: A Door to Success

Most of us make an effort to avoid failure and stay within our comfort zone. We often see failure as something negative and detrimental to our lives. Generally speaking, people live their lives afraid of failing and taking on new opportunities or challenges. What we fail (pun intended) to realize is that failure is a door to success.

We probably have hundreds if not thousands of moments in our lives where failure lurked around the corner and we sensed it as if it was the boogeyman. However, when you step back and analyze this situation each of those moments where missed opportunities. What kind of opportunities? Well, there lies the beauty of it. You will never know and more importantly, grow from because we fail to see failure as a door to success and growth.

Letting Go of the Fear to Fail

This article is inevitably related to The Science Behind Fear – Is Your Life Dictated By It? because fear dictates our present and future. The fear to fail is so ingrained in us that when you take a step back only then you realize how much the fear to fail impacts our lives. If you haven’t read that article mentioned above, make sure you do as it takes a deep dive into the science of fear and how to conquer your fears. If you have read that article, then we know that the best course of action is to embrace our fears.

Facing and embracing our fears is by far the most effective way to conquer fears. Avoiding them will only empower those fears and effectively letting them dictate who you are. Fear is a natural emotion and therefore we must accept it as part of us without letting it define who we are. There is a difference between the two. It starts with an understanding of fear and failure as a natural part of life. More importantly when we start realizing and accepting it is okay to be afraid and to fail, then you realize that failure is, in fact, a blessing in disguise. In other words, failure is a door to success.

Grow Through What You Go Through

Life will inevitably throw curve balls at you. You can either dodge them or learn how to catch them. There will be many tough moments in our lives, instances that sometimes we wish we hadn’t gone through. The reality is that life is full of those moments, challenges and ultimately failures. Just as death is as natural as birth. At the end of the day, it is how well we learn to go through that and how we come out of them that is important.

FailureDifferent religions depict this concept differently but the underlying lesson is simple: You grow through pain. Failure is painful and simply terrifying. But it is as terrifying as thinking you are not capable and strong enough to grow through those circumstances. Or that somehow that door called failure cannot be opened nor there is nothing on the other side. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. We are all more than capable and strong enough to endure failure. We are all intelligent and can understand the possibilities at the other side of that door.

Failure: A Door to Success

Failure could be regarded as a bridge to success but when you think about it, failure acts more like a door. What is meant is that it acts as a barrier that blocks you from experiencing a new reality (or room in this metaphor). As mentioned in the previous section, there are endless possibilities and realities once we open that door. To most of us, this is nothing short of a thrilling and amazing prospect. What this does to the fear of failing is that it makes it vanish. Suddenly we see failure in a new light and somehow the fear to fail is outweighed by that prospect.

The bridge would be the process by which we use failure as a learning tool. As I will mention in the next section, there is an art in failing. There is both elegance and efficiency in failing. And there is a key that unlocks that door called failure.

The Art of Failing

Yes, failure can be terrifying and extremely painful. But the truth is there is an art in failing. SuccessThere are a process and science behind dealing with failure. As mentioned before, life is full of inevitable pain and failure and therefore there is no escape from it. We all fail and will continue to fail some way or another throughout our lives. The difference is that some of us will use failure as a door to success. Furthermore, some of us will see failure as a tool to understand what can be done better or rather how we can be better. Failure is nothing but a set of stairs leading to that beautiful sight on top of a tree called life.

All of us will fall from those stairs at some point or another. But you see, there is a technique or a more effective way of climbing up those stairs. We either create stronger bodies, finding aids and shortcuts or just get faster. It is that growth mindset that focuses on that view on the top of that tree and the determination that will guide us into learning from those falls. Eventually, you will get to the top of the tree called life and get to see and experience that amazing view.

The Endless Possibilities

Once you get to the top of that tree called life, you will be presented with an entirely new perspective on reality. What lies beyond the horizon is needless to say, mesmerizing and stunning. Not all of us will get to experience that amazing view. But those who learn that there is an art in failing and that it holds the key to that door which is locking success will experience abundance. They will truly sense the endless possibilities on the other side of that door to success.



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2 thoughts on “Failure: A Door to Success

  1. 🙂 Overthinking, doubt, and being self-conscious has a lot to do with this and, at times, it’s difficult to let that go. If we act on impulse then sometimes it might be reckless— not necessarily because we are afraid to fail–it’s because we act too fast. Learning more and more that you CAN control certain factors (if you choose) and cannot control the unknown, but majority of times you just take it for what it is and learn from it…each day is different and they’re all lessons. We are all too strict and harsh on ourselves. Don’t look at failure as failure; look at it as baby steps to achieving something more grand is what the point is.

    1. Hi Cher,

      Nailed it, nailed it, nailed it! There is a 5-second thinking gap where the brain goes into “conservative” mode when you want to take action on something. The longer and harder you think the brain will come up with excuses and fears to rationalize why you shouldn’t do something. Doubt is also a big factor as it plays part in not fully believing we can achieve something. Failures are definitely steps towards something being better.

      Thank you so much for sharing your point of view and adding extra value to our article.

      The Higher Path Project

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