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We believe in the power of the now, curiosity and knowledge as they are the key to growth both personal and professional.  More importantly, we believe in the value knowledge provides to your life and how it empowers us when we take action on knowledge. We use the 2 to 1 ratio: For every sec, min, hour you spend absorbing knowledge, ideally, you want to spend double that taking action on it. Do not sit on knowledge. Curiosity, unfortunately, most times fades away as we grow up and we fail to see the endless possibilities beyond our eyes. Always continue to learn and grow.

We are not meant to build someone else’s dream! We are unique and powerful beings meant to walk our own paths. Unleash your true potential, and live life with an abundance mindset.

Wealth is not just an abundance of money, it is much more than that. There is an immense wealth of knowledge, happiness, dreams, passion, and talent which are building blocks for this project.

How can we build a community around a shared vision and desire to unleash our potential (whatever that might be for you)?



The Higher Path Project serves to educate, elevate and motivate us to push our boundaries and explore deep within us.

The Higher Path Project serves to drench your natural curiosity for life, for meaning, for growth.  To guide you through the wonderful and fulfilling path in front of you. A window towards endless possibilities.

The Higher Path Project also serves to the greater good and giving back. Our mission is to build and establish non-profit charities, schools, and workshops around the world. With the end goal to promote a collective consciousness and taking action on our dreams.



The Higher Path Project

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